Dora Forest Fleece fabric by the yard

Dora the Explorer is swinging and playing in the fuchsia tree's with her trusty friend Boots. Little bunnies and owls are peeking out of the trees to investigate. The fabric background is turquoise with green and purple leaves. Dora is wearing a purple headband with matching clothes. This Dora fleece is a favorite among children of all ages. This inspirational, bilingual TV character has lit up the hearts of so many young girls and boys. You can't flip through the television these days without seeing Dora's smiling face. This is a unique fleece fabric that you don't want to miss! Make your kids a robe or pajamas or even a no-sew blanket out of this  Spring's Creative Products licensed material and they will never forget it. fThis fleece is a durable material, so a gift out of this fun material will last for years.

Length: 36” each yard

Width: 60”

If you purchase multiple yards of the same fabric, you'll receive one uncut piece.

Fabric is brand new from the bolt
If there are any holes or discoloration, please let us know on receipt. We'll honor an exchange of fabric that contains any damage.

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Dora Forest Fleece fabric by the yard

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Dora Forest Fleece

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