Red Panne Crush Velvet fabric by the yard

This high quality fiery red velvet is stretchy, yet durable. The color is fierce and is geared toward both males and females. Velvet was originally associated with the noble class. Velvet gowns and robes were worn by royal women and men in Europe. Velvet is used to make jackets, shirts, skirts, shorts, curtains, and more. Velvet should be dry cleaned or handwashed, not thrown in the washer, to prevent wear. There are many different types of velvet, made from either cotton or silk. The quality shown here is polyester. This velvet can be draped to create a light, flowy embiance. 

If you purchase multiple yards of the same fabric, you'll receive one uncut piece.
We charge exact shipping on all orders.

All fabric kept in pet and smoke free environment for pristine fabric

Fabric is cut directly from the bolt; we do not tamper or wash the material before shipment, so as not to ruin the quality

If there are any holes or discoloration, please let us know on receipt. Small tears in the material are difficult to catch and we will honor an exchange of fabric that contains any damage.

Length: 36” each yard

Width: 58-60”

Red Panne Crush Velvet fabric by the yard

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Red Panne Crush Velvet

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