Sensual Silks

Uses for Silk

There are many uses for silk such as upholstery, bedding, blankets, window treatments, and clothing. Clothing is the most common use for silk as it is lightweight and holds in warmth for the colder months. At CnC Fabrics, we have had many customers use our luxurious silk fabric to make shirts, ties, formal dresses, pajamas, lingerie, blankets, and more! Silk truly is a universal fabric and its creative possibilities are endless

100% Silk Velvet

Our beautiful velvet fabrics are crafted with 100% silk warp and weft and have a luxurious feel. Silk velvet is easily distinguishable from other fabrics because of its pile, which creates a very soft-to-the-touch feel that is a special characteristic, unique to silk velvet. Silk velvet has a shimmering surface and colors dyed into the fabric are bold, bright, and beautiful. 100% silk velvet is considered to be a luxurious material because of the pureness of its fibers. To keep the price down, many manufacturers incorporate other fibers such as rayon and viscose, but we are proud to offer you the real deal of 100% silk velvet.

Whatever your project may be, we are confident the textiles at CnC Fabrics will provide you with the quality that you need. Keep checking back as our inventory changes and we get in new colors and textures of silk fabric!

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