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We know you love quilting. That’s why CnC Fabrics is proud to support a large inventory of high-quality cotton fabrics with fun patterns for your next quilting project. We have numerous types of pattern materials for sale in our online store, and we regularly update our inventory with new arrivals. 

Quilting as a hobby has a storied history, and the hobby itself has endured for generations. In fact, quilted blankets are often given as gifts and treasured as family heirlooms. Whether you’re building your next quilt as a family gift or just for fun, CnC Fabrics has the perfect cotton fabrics for you. All of our fabrics combine durability and warmth with exciting and colorful patterns, so your quilting project will keep your loved ones warm while being pleasing to the eye.

We carry only the best in fabric brands, including the renowned Robert Kaufman fabric lines, so you can be sure that our products maintain a high level of quality. Browse our selection and choose from floral patterns, solid colors, and even the occasional novelty print. Whichever fabric you choose, our products will help ensure your next quilt is a masterpiece.

Our quilting fabric experts pick the best fabrics for our store from multiple fabric manufacturers, and we sell our cotton fabrics at competitive prices. Products are shipped promptly, so you can get to work on your next quilt without delay.

At CnC fabrics, you can assemble materials for a beautiful quilt, all without breaking the bank. Our cotton fabrics regularly go on sale, so be sure to check back often for the latest deals.

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